the Sculpture work of ken nyberg


Ken Nyberg joins metal scraps to create Art on a grand scale.

Started as a joke for newlywed friends, Ken continues to create these oversized objects for all to enjoy.

Using techniques perfected during his career building grain elevators, and using talents recognized in his early childhood, Ken is always creating.

Step by Step, Day by Day, Piece by Piece, ordinary objects become works of Art.

Many sculptures reside in Vining, while others have travelled to Henning, Fergus Falls, New York Mills, Otter Tail, Parkers Prairie, and Byron, MN.



In his vining,mn shop, Ken turns scrap into art.

Starting with an idea, or a scale model, the sculptures greet travelers and residents each day. Some are painted, others are left to weather naturally.

Day by day, the work continues.

Peace by Piece